How to increase number of members in Telegram

Telegram is one of the best places that you can develop your business in and everyone know how much is valuable. Although Telegram is one of the best messaging apps in the world. As you have a business, is really essential to learn how to develop your business in this platform specially if you manage a magazine!

It’s also important to know that Telegram has grown for earning money in recent months and focuses on earning money ways for it’s users. It represents the future of this platform that is really economic for all countries, well you conclude that you have to learn about it as soon as possible!

What does this article focus on?

Telegram is really developed and big, but not so much hard to learn it! Because developers of Telegram has tried very much to create the simplest interface! Not only Telegram, but also other platforms has focused on simple interface in recent years.

This article focus on the most important part of Telegram, managing channels and chat groups and adding real members. When you start your business in Telegram as a channel or chat group, all your effort is for increasing the number of members.

We try to answer to these questions in this article:

  • What is the different between fake members and real members?
  • Are telegram members buyable? How?
  • How to sell real members for Telegram?
  • How fake members do hurt your business channel?
  • What is one of the best websites for doing these?

Finally, we answer to the last question and introduce on of the best websites to add real members for your telegram channel.


What’s the difference between fake members and real members?

You can identify the difference by looking at their words easily! Fake members are just fake accounts and they’re not active in Telegram. They usually are created by special robots and have no profile and their biography is random and with out any meaning. In the recent years Telegram’s development teams has had best efforts to remove them in Telegram, but they still exist in this platform.

Fake members has no value and help no channel to make progress, of course some channel increase their validity for a short time, but this validity will be removed exactly when they send a message or file, hence the number of view is much less than the number of members.

But how are real members different? It doesn’t need to be explained! Because you can understand it by noticing the word. Real members are real users that are using Telegram. They’re valuable and you can earn much money by having them in your channel or chat group.

How fake members hurt your channel?

Telegram has an algorithm like Instagram that analyses your channel or group, but this algorithm is week and not much effective. This algorithm can identify fake members easily or the members that aren’t active and has no interactions in your channel. It causes when somebody searches an title similar to yours in Telegram, Telegram doesn’t show your channel in the search results. But it’s not that all.

The main thing is that you can’t earn money from fake members. You can’t sell anything to them and you can’t attract any customer to do advertising in your channel, because your channel has no real member to watch their ads. It’s really important to realize.


Is real members buyable?

I guess you have known that fake members are buyable and the only reason that some people make them is that they can be sold! But exactly real members aren’t buyable and you have to attract them buy using advertising or being introduced by other famous channels that are active in your category.

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